About My Tactile Family

I have been married to my husband Drew since 2002, and over that time have become the mother of two wonderful children, a six year old named Damian and a two year named Zoey. We are just your typical family. We love to be outdoors. We like to play sports. We like to go on bike rides. We love to just have fun and play when we can.

I wanted to use this post to tell you a little bit about each member of our tactile family, and let you get an idea of who we are, and the perspectives that we use when dealing with a child who has tactile defensiveness.

Drew (Dad)

My husband, Drew, works from home which has its pros and its cons. He is a solution architect and computer programmer. He loves anything that has to do with technology. I always say that he is a geek, and he would quickly confirm that, but I wouldn’t change a thing because it pays the bills and he loves it! He also loves to play golf, basketball, and football.

Brynn (Me)

As for myself, I love being a mom! My passions are found in reading books and cooking. I love to cook. Let me stress that again, I LOVE to cook! Cooking has become a way for me to recharge everyday, and I find myself at home in my kitchen.. So while I will post on tactile defensiveness, my love of cooking is also why I decided to post recipes. I also love to hear feedback on what I post, please if you find something helpful or tasty, please let me know!


Zoey is my super-hyper and active two year old daughter. She never slows down she is moving constantly, so much that the longest she can seem to sit still is about 3 seconds. She has the cutest personality, and loves to spread her happiness and joy around. When she smiles, you can’t help but smile as well. She is very independent and loves to do things on her own, and often will get mad at mom and dad if we attempt to help her do something that she wants to do herself.


The reason I wanted to start this blog was because of my son, Damian. He is your typical six year old boy. His favorite things in the world are trains. He loves to play soccer and absolutely loves to play the Wii and iPad. In fact, as each day passes he becomes more and more of a geek like his dad! He also loves to help me cook, and will dress up head-to-toe in a chef’s outfit to help me do so. Lately, his new favorite passion is LEGOs. He also loves to ask questions, and is a very curious boy. These are not your simple questions, but hard questions and scientific questions like, “How does the heart work?” He’ll keep asking more and more questions until he gets all the information you know about it, or he gets enough information to satisfy him. It definitely keeps us on our toes! 

He, honestly, is the best child a mom could ask for. He is respectful and well mannered. He does what he is asked to do (most of the time). He is very kind to others and he will compliment anybody. He truly is an angel.

There is, however, one thing most people don’t know about us and that is my son Damian has a condition called tactile defensiveness. It is a condition he was born with and continues to struggle with it every single day.

This blog is about our journey in working with our son and his condition. We’ll discuss things like how we found out that he had it, how we have worked to help him learn to work with it day to day, and the struggles we have had along the way. I hope you continue to follow this blog and keep reading about this long, hard, but life changing journey that I and my family have been on.


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