Hi, I’m the Mother of a Tactile Defensive Child

Hi, welcome to Tactile Mom. My name is Brynn and I’m the Tactile Mom.

I’m an avid lover of reading and cooking, and take every opportunity to engage in those; however, there is one thing that most people don’t know about me, which is that I am a mother of a five-year old boy, Damian, who has tactile defensiveness and deals with it on a day-to-day basis. Don’t know what tactile defensiveness is? To simplify it, he has sensitive skin and he doesn’t like the way things feel when he touches them. For a more accurate description of what exactly tactile defensiveness is, please visit the page I’ve created here What is Tactile Defensiveness?.

A physical therapist once told me during a session with my son, that the best way to describe the feeling he gets is if you cut your fingernails too short, the weird feeling you get on the newly exposed skin is what he feels all over his body.

This blog is meant to document the journey of my day-to-day life with a child that deals with tactile defensiveness. I wanted to document the things that we did with Damian that have helped him learn to adjust and cope with his condition in the hopes that some other parent out there can find the information here useful, and help them feel like they aren’t alone. There are a lot of things that you have to adjust to daily in order to workaround tactile defensiveness, and I hope give support and encouragement to others who have to work with this condition as well.

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